Visada USA Inc. specialises in developing a client’s new product idea, and improving or modifying existing products. Each step is meticulously planned from research, concept, 3D modelling and rendering to simulation, prototyping and testing. With research and development at the core of our operational structure, Safetech Hardware is well placed to meet our clients’ needs. Our international pool of engineers and industrial designers listen closely to our clients, evaluate what they need in product design and then proceed to challenge convention. We make it an everyday task to find newer, better, safer and more convenient tailor-made solutions for gate and fence manufacturers and installers. We explore different architectures and variations of the product in our development phase. Finally, we take the best from the batch and test thoroughly in-house until our product is market ready. The result – sophisticated gate and fence hardware product lines and cutting-edge designs which meet the highest standards of durability, quality, reliability and ease.